Politics have always been one of the hottest and most unavoidable topics that are up for debate. The same can be said about the world of political blogging, as this makes it easier for someone to discuss their opinions and feelings with the rest of the world while also not getting criticized in person. When looking at some of the top political blogs on the internet today you will also find they have a wide range of writers and views on various topics.

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Newsbusters is a “truth in news” organization that focuses on exposing the myths of many news agencies these days. While they have a conservative slant, like many modern conservative news outlets, they aim to find the truth to inform the world about and dispute the myths of much of mainstream media that we see today. Their motto is “exposing and combating liberal media bias” and they work feverishly to do this. They present the facts and let their readers decide what to believe based on nothing but facts. But they make it clear that they are going to expose the bias of the liberal left.


The Gateway Pundit is also a “truth in news” organization and publication that aims to expose the truth at any cost. It is read by over 15 million visitors per month and remains one of the most popular political news sources and news blogs in the country. It has been cited by many famous radio and TV personalities such as Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and many others. It has become a trusted source of truth in news.


Michelle Malkin is a leading conservative media host and an online blogger who takes the political news seriously. She uses reliable sources that expose the truth even when the mainstream media refuses to do so. She is well-known in several circles and her audience is growing. She has a video show that she runs on her Twitter account and takes on some major issues that are controversial and politically-charged.


This news blog and website are involved in exposing the truth in politics. They use their inside sources to document information that they expose through their online publication and blog. They get their sources from a variety of places that they have checked out as solid truth in journalism and they do not tolerate controversial news items with evocative titles that cannot back up their statements. You’ll find lots of political information on this site including Washington, state, and even local politics.